Mission & Vision

Everybody, irrespective of their origin, their natural physical and psychological endowments, has the right to live a fulfilled and autonomous life. Gainful employment has generally played an important role in providing meaning for people, as well as having a social integration function.

Up to now, people with special needs requirements were deprived access to the IT sector. The Stiftung Informatik für Autisten wants to change this with its training programme. The foundation sees it as its mission to develop the potential of young people with special needs requirements and to provide them with practical know-how in the IT realm based on extensive training, as well as in the area of social skills so that they can become “”productive members”” of our society similar to people without disabilities.

Thanks to targeted facilitation it will be possible for the young people to cross the bridge to working life and to do so more easily too. The foundation is desirous of assuming its role of responsibility in the overall economy and of unburdening the state sector in the process by providing trainee positions and acting as a jobs broker following the training.